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Travel and hospitality service providers have pushed their limits and gone extra miles to win their customer’s loyalty and recognition. They always look for high-quality digital and mobile experiences, affordable packages, and real-time services tailored to their preferences and concerns. Since it's a growing community, the demands from the users or customers are rising too.

Our dedicated development teams in diversified segments and platforms like software, web and mobile would love to walk an extra mile to turn your vision into application reality and help you in boosting your revenue by launching your digital solutions successfully as per your needs. With an extensive experience, our developers are equipped for developing cost-effective yet functionally rich applications.


We offer customized solutions in the form of website, mobile application and software to enhance your capabilities and improve your servicing experience for your customers.










RK WebTechnology is offering Digital Solutions for Hospitality Industry.










Digital Revolution in Hospitality Industry

Digital Transformation in hospitality industry, has revolutionized whole era of working, it turned out way more than merely placing a few screens on the walls. Through implementation of this cutting-edge and user friendly technology, the way of customer's interaction with hospitality industry services, has totally changed from the roots. Nowadays customers are not only exploring all products and services they consume, but also demands completely customized solutions as per their needs.

In this context servicing channels are getting more advanced and interactive with embedding Artificial Intelligence programs, which is playing a significant role to make customer's experience memorable while using services.

Digital Transformation in hospitality industry has revolutionized whole era of working.
Digital Revolution in Hospitality Industry played a significant role to make customer's experience memorable.
Interactive Artificial Intelligence programs have changed ways of running Hospitality Industry from different levels.

Websites are getting lively touch, and instead of just sharing information on a web portal, they are wrapping much functionality under one roof to keep consumers connection intact with hotels and services throughout their stay.

Hotel websites nowadays are capable of sending personalized messages for each of its guests, and notify them regarding different entertainment events, help them in cross-selling or managing the occupation, gives real-time acknowledgement for pick-up/Drop, Flight schedules, and travel-plan notifications. Sole purpose of being actively interactive and creating a unique rewarding experience for clients, is to generate repeat business and get more leads from clients references to stay ahead in competitive market.

Hotel websites nowadays are creating a unique rewarding experience for clients, and generate repeat business.
Mobile applications are being used to keep destined audience engaged with offering quality services.

Using elegant and friendly mobile apps, hotel owners and traveling agencies are getting engaged with their destined audience every single day. Mobile apps turned out as a tool for not only lead generation, but also a connecting bridge between customers and service providers in hospitality industry. Hotel owners are using mobile applications to collect maximum feedback and insightful comments from their service consumers, just to improve their services and give users a better avenue of experience throughout their stay. With Mobile Apps, owners not only collects data, but also get in touch with their guests by sending them push notifications for different services like in-room dining, laundry, giving alerts regarding their pickup/drop from hotels, and availability of different amenities like golf, swimming pool, gym, restaurants etc. The whole idea is to stay connected with guests and make them feel homely warm experience throughout their stay.

Just like any user friendly website and mobile application, software solution has filled the missing piece in management of hotel and travel industry. There are lots of important custom software solutions are being used in market by hotel owners, to organize their routine activities and keep high accuracy in managing stuffs along with a decent benefit of cost cutting, and strong data security. Software solutions have played an inevitable role in decreasing lots work from the shoulders of hotel staff through automation, and helped hotel owners in reducing errors in hotel management. Software solutions made many things easy like bookings, housekeeping, revenue calculations, billing and accounting, housekeeping and staffing management etc.

Software solutions in Hospitality Industry are helping to boost overall profit with flawless management.

Hospitality Industry IT Solutions

Websites are advertising billboards for hotels. They enhance customer's experience by offering interactive services.

Website Development

Gone are the days when people contact their relatives and references about the travelling packages and hotels to choose for their vacation destinations. Now everyone wants everything from just one click.

Studies have proven that over 89% of prospects do online search for hotels before preparing any travel plan. With the huge overflow of social media into the routine lives of individuals, it's vital for the travel and hospitality industry to strengthen its presence on internet platform in the form of an elegant website. An awesome website turned out as an advertising billboard which drives leads, boost in bookings and boost growth in revenue generation through hotels promotions.

Here at RK WebTechnology, we offer customized web solutions to design and built your responsive website, which will be easily accessible across the globe.

Hotel Management Website
Event/Entertainment Portal
Car & Bike Rental
Ticket Booking
Tours and Travels Package
Customer service support
Data Analytics Portal
Restaurant & Bar Management
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Mobile Application Development

In this tech era of 21st century, hospitality industry service providers choose different approach for their business expansion. To put the customer experience on the top priority, nowadays hotels are utilizing mobile application based solutions. Using mobile apps, they try to improve their routine operations and amplify the level of engagement to their customers.

Mobile apps are working as a connecting bridge between customers and hotels. This solution is helping hotel industry to improve their services level and such improvements breeds’ customers’ loyalty. Ultimately loyalty amplification in customers leads to referrals on the portal that helps in boosting leads.

RK WebTechnology has dedicated, certified Android and iOS developers, who would love to focus on your mobile application development notion, and would turn your vision into reality.

Hotel map
Chat with staff
Remote Pick-up/Drop
Remote check-in/check-out
Booking options like (Hotel, Flight, Cab, and Restaurant)
Hotel Guest services (in-room dining, laundry, etc.)
Timely notifications (flight, cab schedules, entertainment in hotel)
Premise access with key functionality (Room, Amenities, Elevator, and Parking)
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Mobile Applications helps hotel owners to keep guests engaged and amplify their comforting experience with elegant services.
Software applications help in automation of end-to-end processes which improves profit and customers' experience.

Software Development

Different types of software in hospitality industry are helping to streamline whole process of daily activities like booking, housekeeping, and other administrative tasks.

Hotel software systems are serving a very good platform for owners to automate processes in easy way with quick access and safety of data. They also help employees to minimize error factors, and help owners in cutting costs and increasing profit through various analytics facility.

The software system is not just aiming to improve routine operations of hotel and restaurants, but it also plays a key role in improving overall customer's experience.

We are offering any type of software development that suits your needs for your hotels, restaurants and booking needs. RK WebTechnology has experienced software development team which can work according to your demands and produce custom solutions for your firm.

Booking and Reservation
Restaurant & Bar
Tour and Travel Agency Booking System
Amenities Access
Housekeeping & Staffing
Front Desk
Billing Software
Revenue & Reports
Stock Management
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